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Mold Remediation Nashville

Licensed and trained mold removal specialists in Nashville and surrounding areas.

Mold Remediation Nashville

We are the best Nashville Mold Removal company. Just some basic services we provide are mold tests, mold clean up, mold specialist, mold removal, mold remediation and more! We are a popular company in our city and many come to us over other mold companies.

Do you ever think you get rid of your mold and then you turn around and it's right back? Well we can help get rid of it for you and give you 100% guarantee on it not coming back as long as you follow the guidelines we give you to keep it away.

Mold Remediation Nashville TN takes things seriously and especially when it comes to mold because it's such a toxic thing to have in your home! We want you living in a safe and carefree environment with the knowledge of you knowing that you got your money's worth from our help.

About Mold Remediation Nashville

A lot of what we like to make sure we cover is that our customers are satisfied at the end of the job and work we’ve done. We don’t want them disappointed at all for any reason, communication is key to everything. We communicate with our customers like family and let them know about what’s going on.

We don’t like to slack on our work. When it is time to work it is time to work. No question about it. We like to do things in an efficient amount of time and to have an always improving time on how we are able to get the job done, and get a little faster and keep getting better at the job each time.

We only have certified employees work for us. Anyone that is not certified, but wants a job through us they go through all the training needed till they become certified. After they are, they still shadow a professional that has been doing the job for a long time so they also learn on the job.

When they have learned it all and figured it out that is when we set them free on their own because then they are certified work professionals that we have the confidence in to do the job right on their own.

We have been seen to be at the top of the list for people to go to with clean ups needed, water damage, mold removal, mold test and inspections, etc. Our customers support us and feel that we do the best job for them and never feel like there are any loose ends, we leave everything in tip top feelings.

Why Choose Mold Removal Nashville

A huge reason why our customers come to us and refer others to us is because they love our customer service. They love how friendly our team is and how important they feel. We don’t make them feel like their problem is less than another's.

Not many other mold removal companies in Nashville are about treating everyone like family. But we find it makes it a more comfortable environment for everyone.

We have been around for decades! We are one of the oldest companies in the city and are very up to date with all the new products and equipment. We keep in stock older things just in case a customer requests a specific one, but we recommend the newer stuff.

You can give us a call and we will set up an appointment for you and get a free estimate going for you on the cost of everything if you have a mold problem that needs taking care of.

Just some things that are important about the company are:

  • We are an insured company
  • All employees are certified
  • We can clean up water damage in hard flooring or carpet
  • We can do major mold problems like having to cut drywall out and replace it
  • We do minor problems as well if requested, but if we believe you can do it we will how to do it so you can save the money, but if you still prefer us to clean it we will
  • We like to be proactive with our time
nashville mold remediation

What to Expect from Mold Remediation Nashville

We keep up with the times and make sure we are stocked on all new products and equipment. We find it so very important to do that so then our customers are always getting the best possible. We are all about improving the system and making steps forward not backwards.

Customers love it because it never fails that our product works and gets the job done. They always are free of mold and they follow the tips we give them as to how to keep the mold away. They are always so appreciative and we love it so much.

When you find that you need our help or are concerned you have a mold problem, but are unsure you give us a call. We will get to you usually no longer than just an hour or two. It never takes longer till the next morning to give your problem attention needed.

After we get to you, we will do a plan out step with you if we find any mold and show you what we got to do and how the mold came to be in your home. We are big on helping our customers understand what’s going on so then they can prevent it from happening again for themselves.

After the test and inspection is done the mold removal process will begin (or whatever reason it was you called whether it be water damage or something else). They will isolate the mold and clean it off so nothing else can possibly attach itself to it. After the mold removal process is finished they will give you the mold remediation.

Nashville mold remediation is where they go through and show you how it happened and give you different ideas and ways to keep the mold away. Sometimes it ends up being a whole other project for them to get the pace ventilated if it doesn’t have a way to be. But no matter what the job will get done!

Services Mold Removal Nashville Provides

nashville mold remediation & removal

Mold Removal Nashville & Mold Remediation Nashville

Nashville mold removal takes place after testing is done. They begin to do the mold clean up Nashville that is necessary. They isolate the mold so it can’t feed off of anything around it. Depending on how small or big the mold problem is it can take up to several hours, but if it's minor it can be done in just a couple. They are cautious with all the steps they take to clean the mold and to get rid of it. Our goal is to bring your home back to its original state before the mold infected it.

Nashville mold remediation TN is the final and probably the most important step. The reason is, because it is on you, the customer, to make sure to listen to the instructions given to keep mold out and away. They will give you a remedy of ways to keep your home ventilated and aired out and to have maybe some kind of natural light in to keep mold away.

Those natural things are what keeps things not moldy. That is why you never find any mold outside! Nashville mold remediation needs to happen on your part.

nashville mold inspection & testing


Mold Inspection Nashville is the first step made. Our worker(s) go through your home and check if there is any mold there you are unaware of if you already know about some, or if you think you have mold, but aren’t sure of where any of it is, that is their job.

They find where all the mold is and may be and narrow down all the places infected. Not many think about how mold inspection Nashville is a big thing because they are professionals at searching for mold where some may not even think to look.

After the mold inspection is done mold testing Nashville steps in. Their job is to test how much mold is in the walls, surfaces, air and literally anywhere possible. Their testing determines how big the mold problem is and what solution they should use to terminate the mold.

About Nashville Tennessee

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee. They are known for their legendary country music. The country music hall of fame and the museum are very popular places to go see. The income tax rate is currently 0.0% and the sales tax rate is 9.3%. The population of Nashville is 692,587.

The surrounding cities of Nashville are:

  • Franklin, TN.
  • Hendersonville, TN.
  • Brentwood, TN.
  • Smyrna, TN.
  • Gallatin, TN.
  • La Vergne, TN.
  • Mount Juliet, TN.
  • Goodlettsville, TN.
  • All other surrounding areas


I had water damage done to my carpet. It only took about 4 days for them to dry out my carpet. They were fast working and very good at communicating to me everything so I was never in question of when things will get back to normal for me! Thanks guys!

- Carrie U.

I had a different mold company come to my house a few times over to get rid of the same mold problem and every single time they promised and guaranteed that the mold was 100% gone when that just wasn’t the case. I finally tried a different route and tried out Nashville Mold Removal and they came in to check out my mold problem. At that point my mold problem was small because I was on top of it and they gave me tips and tricks to get rid of this minor problem and they gave me a remedy to keep the mold away forever! I never knew about it before, but they gave me the knowledge that I was unaware of. I haven’t had mold in months and I’m so grateful for their effort and being so kind and taking their time with me to make sure I didn't have mold come back again! Thank you mold remediation Nashville team.

- Brian S.

I just had a small problem of pink mold in my shower and a worker came over within just about an hour or so and he just told me what I needed to do! Saved me money in my pocket and he gave me the tips I needed to get rid of the problem and to keep it away! Thank you!

- Brittany O.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for someone to come over and start resolving the issue?

Usually no more than just a couple hours, but no later than the next business day (unless its major water damage and flooding going on)

How do I get rid of black mold on my walls?

Give us a call to help. Black mold is dangerous so you may need a professional. But if you want to attempt on your own, use a mixture of bleach. Let it sit for a few minutes and scrub, and repeat that process at least one more time.

Can I use clorox wipes or lysol wipes to get rid of mold?

You can not use clorox wipes, because the chemicals in it the mold literally feeds off of it, but lysol wipes are okay to use, they disinfect the mold as long as it's a minor issue. If it's major issue, call us to help!

Does getting an estimate cost anything to get?

We will need to do a mold inspection, but we will provide you with a free estimate of what it will cost to removal the mold from the home.

How much does mold remediation cost?

It really depends on how much remediation is required. Give us a call for a free instant quote!

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Overall these are just some of the many reasons as to why we can help make you home better and healthier when it comes to mold removal in Nashville! We haven’t let down any of our customers because like I said before we make it a huge number one priority to make them know they are important to us.

We give our support and we want your support! Call Mold Remediation Nashville TN today and we will get an appointment set up for you and give you a free estimate of the cost! This way you can go on with life without worrying about breathing in toxic things!

Contact us for a free estimate to determine if you have mold and need our Nashville mold removal services!

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